Hokwan dish~
2004-03-11 11:01:20 (UTC)

Do you feel happy when you do such of these things?

Today... feel not good!!! Although i really wanna to keep
our relationship with you, but... when you are cool on me,
i feel so ... upset and my heart is so painful! But,
whether we can improve our relationship when we went to
shopping, i don't know, but i will try to improve it!!!

Hey, did you feel happy? You seems to be not but i don't
think so!!! you just let us see that you are sad and down,
but i don't think so!!! i think you are really happy when
you play with her!!! you two's behaviour made me feel so
disappointed!!! You're down? someone is more down then
you!!! plz don't keep your crazy mind that you're the worst
one in this world!!! you want to be more powerful? and you
wanna to be smartest then the others? you wanna to overtake
the foreign country people? i could answer you accactly!!!
you must not do that!!! if you can, i can do anything you
like!!! perhaps you will think i'm going and i had decided
to hurt you seriously, but i can told you that it's not!!!
i just feel disappointed, upset and down in your world
which is hard for me to live in!! and i have one request,
could you try to help the only guy who was hated by someone?