confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-03-11 05:16:25 (UTC)

velvet darkness

I sit int eh velvet darkness and ponder, wondering about
decisions I have made, thoughts I have. I smile as I think
of many, the desicion to start a new life, to start anew.

the mind is a peaceful place when the monsters are at rest,
shrinking from the daylight. The woman walks toward her
fate unknown with a determination that she has called upon
many a time, if only to survive to the new dawn breaking.
She is bolstered by it, lifted up, her head tilted high.
She stares into the gathering darkness, a comfort rather
than a cold empty state. She smiles, and hums a song that
she knows, one that is a comfort, one that reminds her of
her guiding star. The words start out in a soft barely
audible soprano, moving in intensity till it encomapsses
her form, the music falling from her lips in careless

Her heart and mind are calm, steady and sure, her life
finally starting to take a direction, it is new, this path,
but she does not fear it. She walks surefootedly, not
afraid of falling, and it makes her steps light and sure.

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