2004-03-11 03:42:01 (UTC)

Shit, I told someone about it...

I really wanted coffee and donut so I called the closest
friend asked her to run an errand for me, when she came I
acted totally unproffesional, and worst of all I told her
over a donut. Damn like Homer I sold my soul for a donut.
Hopefully this whole thing will still work out. Tomorrow is
rehearsal and I get off sooner. I'm thinking of telling my
friends about this, but no, not yet. Not until I actually
have someone to mange.

Yes for now Christina will be the only one who knows, and
hopefully she'll keep her mouth shut. I think she will. She
really doesn't talk to anyone besides Kathy, and Kathy the
work-a-holic really doesn't talk much to anyone besides her
and david. So I might be fine.

I'll tell them in a month if I'll still be there.

I'm going clubbing with Karoline on Saturday, I hope we
have fun. It'll be a total lady's night out. Spiffy sweet.
I just gotta make sure to pass out before, wake up and then
go, since That is my day off and I have to use it wisely
enough to be able to have fun, do freestreet, and still
have enough energy to bust out another 10hour work week. If
I don't my last words are officially: