the excitingness of my life
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2004-03-11 03:13:36 (UTC)


ok so this random psycho bitch girl IMs and thinks im some
kid brandon hears what happened....

Aiyabug: i have a question
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
Aiyabug: alright, when u smoke weed, does it stay in ur
xhelloximxdeadx: for like 2 weeks after
xhelloximxdeadx: who the fuck r u?
Aiyabug: o
Aiyabug: allie
Aiyabug: haha
xhelloximxdeadx: oh lol
xhelloximxdeadx: wait allie who? im confused
Aiyabug: mcfee
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmmmm dont know u
Aiyabug: then who are u
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmmmmmmmm
Aiyabug: cat gave me ur sn
xhelloximxdeadx: cat who?
Aiyabug: WTF
xhelloximxdeadx: no....
xhelloximxdeadx: im not brandon
Aiyabug: WHO ARE U
xhelloximxdeadx: i told u my name is diana i think u have
the wrong sn
Aiyabug: o
Aiyabug: ok bye
xhelloximxdeadx: bye
Aiyabug: brandon u are dumb
xhelloximxdeadx: WTF!
xhelloximxdeadx: im not brandon!
xhelloximxdeadx: 1st im a girl
xhelloximxdeadx: 2cd i dont know any cats
Aiyabug: ok ok, cat says this is brandon but nvm
xhelloximxdeadx: wrong SN
xhelloximxdeadx: maybe this brandon has a similar SN but
its not this one
Aiyabug: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
(then i got kinda bored so i decided to pretend to be
brandon lol)
xhelloximxdeadx: im jk i am brandon
Aiyabug: ya i know
Aiyabug: ur bugging me
xhelloximxdeadx: im sorry
Aiyabug: whatev
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: so whats up
Aiyabug: i dunno, i feel lonley
xhelloximxdeadx: im sorry i can make u feel unlonely;-)
Aiyabug: ?
xhelloximxdeadx: oh u know;-)
Aiyabug: omg
Aiyabug: wtf
Aiyabug: wtf
Aiyabug: wtf
Aiyabug: wtf
Aiyabug: wtf
Aiyabug: wtf
Aiyabug: wtf
xhelloximxdeadx: i get it
xhelloximxdeadx: whats with all the WTF"s?
Aiyabug: i dunno, i guess im just afraid of u
xhelloximxdeadx: why?
Aiyabug: cuz u are terrifying
xhelloximxdeadx: why?
Aiyabug: becuz thats how i see u
xhelloximxdeadx: .....................
xhelloximxdeadx: why am i scaryt?
Aiyabug: u just are ok?
xhelloximxdeadx: im ok
xhelloximxdeadx: ok w/e
xhelloximxdeadx: so hows life?
Aiyabug: lonley and everytime i think soemthing even
little is about to happen and i get excited, cuz not much
good things are happening to me ever anymore, they dont
happen and i get depressed
xhelloximxdeadx: im sorry
xhelloximxdeadx: hows school?
Aiyabug: borign and i cant force myself to do hw
xhelloximxdeadx: hmm
xhelloximxdeadx: thats not to good cat
xhelloximxdeadx: allie
Aiyabug: WHAT?
xhelloximxdeadx: uh sorry
Aiyabug: i accently closed ur thing
xhelloximxdeadx: oh thx i feel unspecial now
Aiyabug: NO
Aiyabug: im sorry
xhelloximxdeadx: its ok
xhelloximxdeadx: so how come cat isnt talking to me if
she knows my sn?
Aiyabug: i reallly ahve no idea, u ask her
xhelloximxdeadx: no u ask her
xhelloximxdeadx: tell her to IM me
Aiyabug: Y?
xhelloximxdeadx: please
Aiyabug: ok, now that u put it that way
xhelloximxdeadx: kk thx8-)
xhelloximxdeadx: do u know AMES is your GOD
xhelloximxdeadx: she says u know her cuz she dies her hais
bright red
Aiyabug: AMES??
Aiyabug: what
xhelloximxdeadx: AMES IS your GOD: OMG SHE IMED ME TOO
xhelloximxdeadx: WTF?
AMES IS your GOD: she said she knew me cuz i dyed my hair
bright red
xhelloximxdeadx: thats what she said
Aiyabug: woah im confused now
xhelloximxdeadx: u should be
xhelloximxdeadx: that girl lives in ansonia
xhelloximxdeadx: CT
Aiyabug: who?
xhelloximxdeadx: nicole mortimer u know her?
Aiyabug: nope
xhelloximxdeadx: intresting
Aiyabug: y
xhelloximxdeadx: idk
Aiyabug: um ok
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: so why did cat sign off?
Aiyabug: i have no idea, that was really weird
xhelloximxdeadx: hmm intresting
Aiyabug: WHY???
xhelloximxdeadx: beacuse:-P
xhelloximxdeadx: *laughs*
Aiyabug: woah are u high?
xhelloximxdeadx: no
xhelloximxdeadx: are u?
xhelloximxdeadx: since u asked about the weed
Aiyabug: wihs i was
Aiyabug: wish*
xhelloximxdeadx: thats not to good weed can kill you
Aiyabug: haha
Aiyabug: thanks for sharing
xhelloximxdeadx: yup ne time
xhelloximxdeadx: do we go to the same school i forget......
Aiyabug: what the fuck brandon
xhelloximxdeadx: do we?
Aiyabug: yes
xhelloximxdeadx: what school is that?
xhelloximxdeadx: i forget our school name.....
Aiyabug: its called "brandonisfuckingweird"
xhelloximxdeadx: lol i know that but what school do we go
Aiyabug: wego that one
xhelloximxdeadx: hmm dont know our school name u must be
Aiyabug: yes prolly
xhelloximxdeadx: yes what school do we go to tell me
xhelloximxdeadx: TELL ME
xhelloximxdeadx: ALLIE IS HIGH ALLIE IS HIGH!
xhelloximxdeadx: do we go to school in connecticut?
xhelloximxdeadx: hey tommorrw in school talk to me
tommorrw about this intrigueing convo ok
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmm did u die?
xhelloximxdeadx: OMG ALLIE DIED!
Aiyabug: what
xhelloximxdeadx: am i scaring u?
Aiyabug: um.. no more than usual
xhelloximxdeadx: oh so usually brandon isnt this scary
xhelloximxdeadx: what grade am i in?
xhelloximxdeadx: i forget........
Aiyabug: geex i really dont know, arent u suppose to be in
xhelloximxdeadx: am i in 11th?
Aiyabug: i dunno
Aiyabug: u tell me
Aiyabug: i thought u had to redue 9th
xhelloximxdeadx: oh so im in 10th grade huh
Aiyabug: i DONT KNOW
xhelloximxdeadx: dude i seriously forget what school i go
to i dont want to go to the wrong school tommorrw so can u
tell me what school i go to?
xhelloximxdeadx: hmm dont know what grade im in obviously
u dont know much about me.....
Aiyabug: ok, u go to east lanising high school and u are a
11th grader
xhelloximxdeadx: whoa is east lansing in like michigan?
Aiyabug: NO DUDE, its in hawaii, u live in hawaii, member??
xhelloximxdeadx: whoa hawaii kool!
xhelloximxdeadx: ur shittin me right i cant possible live
in hawii
xhelloximxdeadx: hawaii*
Aiyabug: u do, look out ur window
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmm i see snow
Aiyabug: woah then ur trippen out
xhelloximxdeadx: nope
xhelloximxdeadx: its snowing at my house
Aiyabug: u are high
xhelloximxdeadx: no
Aiyabug: go lay down
xhelloximxdeadx: have u come to any conclusions about me
Aiyabug: yes
Aiyabug: u are scary
xhelloximxdeadx: um no
Aiyabug: um yes
xhelloximxdeadx: ok im not bored ne more
xhelloximxdeadx: i have HW to do girlie im not fucking
brandon 1st of all i live in connecticut thats why i see
snow ok u go to school tommorrw and ask this ' brandon
about this convo just ask him ok oh and im really a girl
and im really diana ok
xhelloximxdeadx: hahaha
xhelloximxdeadx: sorry i got bored so i decided to be
brandon intresting guy
Aiyabug: um right
Aiyabug: ok bye
xhelloximxdeadx: do u belive me?
Aiyabug: i can porve u are brandon tho
xhelloximxdeadx: OMFG
xhelloximxdeadx: ur just hopless
xhelloximxdeadx: this is a joke right
Aiyabug: no i have proff
Aiyabug: proof*
xhelloximxdeadx: damn u u have aol tell one of your
friends that has AIM to check my profile ok
Aiyabug: no, i have other proof
xhelloximxdeadx: ?????????
Aiyabug: u told me u didnt know cat and then earlier u
asked why she got off line
xhelloximxdeadx: beacuse she IMed me beacuse i told u 2
xhelloximxdeadx: and then she signed off
xhelloximxdeadx: i dont know cat
Aiyabug: whatev
xhelloximxdeadx: go to school tommorrw and ask brandon his
SN ok
xhelloximxdeadx: just fucking ask him
Aiyabug: i dont see brandon in the hallways
xhelloximxdeadx: well see him after schhool
xhelloximxdeadx: school*
Aiyabug: i dotn know where to find him
Aiyabug: U*
Aiyabug: i dont know where to find u
xhelloximxdeadx: then go fucking DIE!
Aiyabug: geez
Aiyabug: ur mean
Aiyabug: bye
xhelloximxdeadx: u can find me in connecticut ok
xhelloximxdeadx: im hella far away from u if u live in
xhelloximxdeadx: sorry about the die comment its my time
of the month lol
xhelloximxdeadx: IM NOT BRANDON
xhelloximxdeadx: please have 1 of ur AIM friends check my
pro to see that IM NOT FUCKING BRANDON
xhelloximxdeadx: or ask some1 brandon's SN
xhelloximxdeadx: are u doing any of those 2 things?
Aiyabug: nope
Aiyabug: im
Aiyabug: dope
xhelloximxdeadx: oh well
xhelloximxdeadx: *sighs*
xhelloximxdeadx: well this has been interesting
xhelloximxdeadx: u know what im cop pasting my pro to show
u im not brandon
xhelloximxdeadx: the shiz
also the shiz
4ClIk MoThA fUcKa sign the godamn guestbook! if u dont i
might castrate you unless ur a girl then i will just be
xhelloximxdeadx: there u go
xhelloximxdeadx: if u dont look at it oh well just know im
not brandon
Aiyabug: im sacred its SATAN!!!!
xhelloximxdeadx: yes it is
Aiyabug: SCARY
xhelloximxdeadx: but that doesnt prove ne thing look at my
journal or profile
Aiyabug: no i think u are brandon and if u continue to do
this, i dotn wanna talk to u anymore cuz i hate it when u
try to fool me it makes me sad, and i dotn need anymore
sad things in my life, cuz it already sux right now
xhelloximxdeadx: ok dont talk to me fine by me but brandon
is gonna be sad if he loses his friend when he didnt even
do ne thing wrong just gave cat the wrong SN or cat is a
dumbass and copied it wrong
xhelloximxdeadx: ok im convinced this is one big practical
joke now
xhelloximxdeadx: no one could be that stupid no one
Aiyabug: brnadons not losign a friend, actually he never
talks to me so i dont know why he thinks of me as a
friend, but i just dont want to talk now cuz this is
makign me sad
xhelloximxdeadx: hey since i dont know brandon w/e
xhelloximxdeadx: u have low self esteem r u ok?
Aiyabug: o ya im fine
xhelloximxdeadx: u sound sad and depressed
Aiyabug: i just get irrated when poeple lie
xhelloximxdeadx: IM NOT LIEING
Aiyabug: ok ok
xhelloximxdeadx: im sorry brandon is such an asshole
Aiyabug: then why dont u stop this BRANDON
Aiyabug: ur making me really sad
Aiyabug: just sotp ok
Aiyabug: i dont crae
Aiyabug: just stop
xhelloximxdeadx: i dont know what happened bu somehpw
screen names got mixed up
xhelloximxdeadx: and i belive this is a fucking joke
xhelloximxdeadx: cuz my friend nicole said u IMed her too
Aiyabug: um no
Aiyabug: bye
xhelloximxdeadx: bye
xhelloximxdeadx: im not brandon woo woo im not brandon woo
woo im not brandon woo woo im not brandon woo woo
xhelloximxdeadx: hahaha
xhelloximxdeadx: hahahaha
xhelloximxdeadx: hahahaha
xhelloximxdeadx: hahaha
Aiyabug: o brandon u make me sad, and u should feel ashamed
of urslef, cuz im in a depressed mood
xhelloximxdeadx: do u have blonde hair?
xhelloximxdeadx: u must
xhelloximxdeadx: theres just no possible way u could OMG ur
an idiot
Aiyabug: ur so mean leave me alone
Aiyabug: im goignt o cry
Aiyabug: u are so mean
Aiyabug: why do this
Aiyabug: ??

Aiyabug: why
Aiyabug: i dont get it
Aiyabug: good bye
xhelloximxdeadx: u dont get it cuz im not brandon
Aiyabug: i dotn care anymore
Aiyabug: bye
xhelloximxdeadx: not until u know IM NOT BRANDON!
xhelloximxdeadx: ok?
xhelloximxdeadx: ha ur ignoring me ok w/e
Aiyabug: if u are some diana then i dont wanna talk to u
cuz u are mean and anoyying, and if u are brandon i dotn
want to talk to u cuz u hurt my feelings and u dont give a
fuck about it
xhelloximxdeadx: ok im mean and annoying
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmmmmm i can take that
Aiyabug: bye
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmmmmmmmmm
xhelloximxdeadx: ok bye just remember im not allie lets
please not have this mix up gain
xhelloximxdeadx: wtf am i saying
xhelloximxdeadx: im not brandon*
xhelloximxdeadx: go me way to be a superb typist
Aiyabug signed off at 10:21:01 PM.

i think i pissed "allie" off oh well it was hella funny