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2004-03-11 00:37:56 (UTC)


Well its wednesday.. it was a better day than yesterday.
It was a little strange though I have to admit. Wednesdays
are always in-class days so I was in the classroom all
day. We had our on-campus evaluations too.. which were
sort of a surprise.
It was a little freakish because I was last to be evaluated
and usually im first b/c my first and last name are A. So
when I walked in his office he locked the door behind me..
kinda strange eh? He went over my grades and told me I was
at the top of the class at this point in the sem. (good,
considering I compete with this other chick who always ends
up getting ahead of me) but then he started getting a
little flirty, telling me I had beautiful eyes and the
whole bit.. Right about the point I was thinking "dude, you
gotta lay off the viagra".. he made a little comment that
sort of implied if I wanted to be at the top of the class
this year I needed to sleep with him.
Man.. can I just have one day this week where nothing major
happens to me?! I just looked at him.. I know im young but
c'mon.. im not a piece of ass. I just said I would do some
thinking about everything he said and walked out. I heard
he was like this but I never felt like I would be in this
situation. Of course I wont sleep with him, but as long as
he "thinks" im going to my grades will be high. And if he
figures me out, well.. i'll just be second again this year.
Its not a big deal to me anymore.. its not like I walk
around with a transcript glued to my forehead.
Im starting to get the general idea that men are pigs.
Wild idea huh? Shit..
So anyway, the rest of the day was alright... something
else wierd happened tho. When I walked in after going to
the hospital walla' go I noticed a stick of butter on the
floor in my livingroom. Crazy huh? Especially since I
live alone. The only thing I can think is that my dog
somehow got it out of the fridg..but.. shes only 8 lbs. and
short! I must have ghosts in my casa.
Maybe I should get a roommate.. a cute roommate...
And on that note.. i think im going to go out tonight.