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2004-03-10 23:08:32 (UTC)

Heading into Retirement

well duh i'm not really retiring...i'm only 18! No i'm
getting retired as Platoon Commander. it's the end of this
nine weeks which means it's time to switch PCs. that sucks.
now it's Wilk and he's good and all but he'll never be as
good a PC as I am. so today was my last day as PC...I spent
it teaching Wilk how to be a PC. I miss it already. Well i
guess I better go finish my English homework. ugh. i think
something's wrong with Adam. he sounds depressed or
something. I hope he's not planning on breaking up with me.
ps- i forgot to mention that last week i got promoted to a
Lieutenant!!! whoo-hoo! i went from an Ensign (0-1) to a
Lieutenant (0-3) whoo -hoo!!

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