Thoughts of His girl
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2004-03-10 21:35:25 (UTC)

Punishment Given , Then His Love Given

I had a really long day yesterday. I couldnt get any
energy. I spend some time with Master. Yesterday, He gave
me punishment for not listening totally when he told me to
reapply to the GSN. (sighs)

I had to write detailed descriptions of ALL the Gorean
Positions plus prepare and serve a 5 course Gorean meal.It
was due by 4pm today. Chris rolled his eyes when he asked
what I was doing and I told him. I told him he didnt have
to understand it , didnt have to agree, or even like it
but he would not disrespect what I beleived. I told him it
was about dscipline and in away I thought Master was
testing me. To see if I would do both on time with out
complaint and to test my abilities to serve a large formal
meal plus know the positions for my ps test. (grins)

I felt horrible, like I had failed him. I was so afraid to
ask him to hold me, but I am glad that I did. He told me
he would not be weak with me or lenant and I dont want
that. I told him that I just missed him, being held in his
arms , she had not been held by him since his computer
fubared. (sighs)

She loves him so very much

He is so sick. I dont think he will tell me truthfully how
sick he is, he doesnt want me worrying about him. (sighs)
I worry because I love him, but as long as she pleases him
she is doing her duty.

Seems my friend Fieras is leaving MSN Gor. He is being
forced to because of some bullshit Destinee emailed him.
He works for the dutch goverment and she threatned him.
(sighs)Stupid woman will never learn. He is like Master ,
strong and very old school. He is a dear friend always
been there for me.

Lugh supposedly is leaving Gor , we will see. (shrugs)
found that out via GSN

Aaron woke up at 5am I wonder if that has anything to do
with me being so tired.

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