goddess of imaginary light
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2004-03-10 20:18:20 (UTC)

trouble in paradise

"we'll not be shaken
and jump into this
be persuasive just carry out and
make my mind up to go through this
be firm and set in silence
cause i want to fight, i want to fight
i want to prove im right
i want to fight, i want to fight
so turn and forfeit
FORFEIT!!!" ~chevelle

so last night i had to study for CRJ, my test early the
next morning. Sara, my roommate, comes in with her bf
Mike, and i told them ahead of time that i was gonna be up
late studying...which they said was fine
so after they get to bed im concentrating, doing well with
the silence...and sara complains about the light being
on!!! i cant count how many times ive gone to bed and shes
stayed up studying with the light on!! did i complain!?
no, becasue i know how sucky it is studying other places!!
BUT NO! shes got to complain, "dana can you put the lamp
on" which would be fine if i werent typing! but i couldnt
even see my fuckin i had to go to the study
lounge :(
so i had to print out all my notes that i needed, then she
makes sighing noises like the goddamned printer is keeping
her that point i didnt give aFUCK
OH! and she shouldnt even complain...there are so many
times that Mike comes over early in the morning and they
roll around laughing and being loud and obnoxious while im
trying to sleep, AND when im trying to do my hw they do
the same exact thing...
it just pisses me off that things are supposed to be set
up for queen sara and her fuckin royal ass
she can suck my dick!
i didnt get alot done because the hall was so noisy...
jesus christ, im usually ok with her but last night was
the breaking point
dont complain to me about something that you do all the
time, not to mention all the other bullshit she pulls....
god damnit
sometimes i just want to tell her to her face that shes a
fuckin hypocrite and should fuck off

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