Hokwan dish~
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2004-03-10 14:40:12 (UTC)

Went to school by no reason!!!

Now, i just feel it's very boring and silly to go to
school, and i haven't got any power to go back to school.
Remember a lot of things, what you spoke to me, what you
talk with me, even one sentence, and one word!
do you feel that our relationship is become... i don'y
know... just you like!!! you ask me some simple sentence
and ask someone what i feel, and i can just give my opinion
and my own answer to you... but anyway, you are also be so
serious to me!
now i feel very hard to talk to you two and i even be
very silly in two of you! although, we are not really a
good friend! we started to have some argument and everyday
you are just like that... cold on me and hot to the others!
and now, i can under that what is 日久見人心!

plz!!! think of the others feeling!!! and plz think about
what you ask me and think about how your behaviour!!!!