2004-03-10 03:55:44 (UTC)


hello youngin!i had fun the other night well lets say alot!
lets see went to skool...but im tralkin bout after
skool...me lessa mike got off the bus & walked 2 smiths &
lessa & mike sat thurr...i went into smiths & i wanted sum
damn sushi!but guess wut??the lady wasnt thurrr!!!AAAAAH!so
walked bak outside & sat w/ them 4 a lil bit but i was SO
hungry!so we all walked 2 my my house but mike went bak 2
his house & guess wut we saw sum boxes & i was curious & so
i looked in there & i pull out this big ass light bulb & ya
we turned it into a dildo WTF! we taped it all around &
lessa was throwing it in the air & i was like "lemme try" &
i did but the 1st time was w/ 2 handz...she said no only
use 1 so i did & YES I DROPPED IT & BROKE IT :(...sorry!
then we carved mine & lessas name on a tree watchin her
complain cuz her pinky hahaha!then we went 2 my house & ate
2 burritos,& lessa had jus 1 apple...bad bad u should eat 3
applez DAMMIT!mmmhhmmm by the way im lessas food instructor!
o geez...but ne ways after we watched true life about
fattys!haha yes FATTYZ!lol...i never watch that show!!??but
yah...then we had 2 leave but b4 that we got dressed
lol...i made lessa wear sum baggy pants & a tank top haha
she looked like a midget hahha sorry lessa!after we left &
walked & walked through the desert & lessa kept sayin "the
pant r dragging lol" haha lessa likes 2 tell me things like
a million times like about the ICP doll hahaha!!but then i
called mike & he said were coming now & me & lessa waited
on the sidewalk 4 them 2 come...& she left her damn & up
hahaha ur nutty!~then we went 2 the martial arts & @ first
we watched them do warm ups & all that but hey it was alot
of fun...haha then we went to the guys office & called
julian & left him a long message haha she told him he loox
like kel on KENAN & KEL haha wow!!then we went on a lil
walk & lessa looked like a gangsta yes u heard me a gangsta
homie!wuddup homie!lol then it got funner we had 2 do the
warm ups 2...we did jumping jackz & & sum other strange
stuff & then we did punches & kicking...that was kool...o
ya i fell on lessa cuz we had 2 get on 1 knee & i fell on
her hahaha it was holarious...i hate balance,then we
bowed...PIZZA!!!PIZZZA!!PIZZAA!!yayaa...4 pieces yes 4!
lessa 1 piece cum on now ur killin me!went outside 7 talked
2 her friend she was nice i jus dont remember her
name...but guess wut!!both lived in san jose...kool stuff &
there b-dayz r almost the same!lol we talked 4 a while then
left...lessa kept sayin "oooh he reminds me of cody" hahaha
20 timez lol!ur funny!haha ne wayz we all hung out that
night @ rayz...we got caught under the bed...hid mom hated
me lol...we listened 2 come clean 4 times or sumthin
lol...mike & lessa were chillin on the top hahaha ya
CHILLIN lol ya right!!but yah then we left 7 i walked home
while they went 2 the park ;) hahaha yah lessa nice 7 the
sidewalk 2 tryin 2 b slick w/ me hahahhahahahah