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2004-03-10 02:17:04 (UTC)

and so it rained.

today was a bit of an interesting day. heh, it started
off kinda bad, because instead of my dad doing his usual
morning ritual of banging doors and hitting things and
making all manner of ridiculous noises, he decided that on
the day that i actually needed to get up and be atleast
able to partially comprehend when my mommy got home, he
decides that he'll tip-toe around and jsut not wake me up.
this is fine, i can get up at 7 and still be able to be
ready for shcool when momma gets back to take me. BUT do
not get mad at me when i have to go take a shower and
you're not done because you decided to not wake me up. it's
one thing to be mad about something and have a reason, but
just to be pissed for the sake of being you
should've out grew that when you were 4.

but i finally got up and everything was goin' ok, until
kid decided there wasnt enough going on, so he starts to
litterally raise Hell about something that made no sense at
all. again, back to the being pissed off for pissed off's
sake, Get Over Yourself. yes, anyway. and so this ensued a
yelling match between him and my mom, always a lovely thing
to hear at 7 in the morning. i dont suppose it would've
been as bad, except he did it last night, then this morning
and lo and behold, he did it this afternoon TWICE. so yea,
momma's in no sort of a good mood. and because she now has
to spend the nights with my grandma, that makes her even
crazier...heh, i'd tell you that story, but 1- its not my
point, and 2- we'd be here for quite some time.

so i finally get to school, and things are going ok. my
boyfriend was getting sick and felt pretty bad yesterday,
then wasnt at school today. hehe, so instead of
consintrating on anything that was said today in my
classes, i worried and thought about him. he hasnt got on
yet and i'm wondering if he went into work today, seeing as
how it's payday and all...yea. and no i'm not that consumed
with money and shallow. i meant for that to mean that if i
was sick and i had to work that day, i think i could suffer
through a few hours if it was payday. anyway, i was worried
about him so i called and left a message on his cell phone,
because i'm too much of a wimp to call his house, and plus,
i didnt want to wake him up or bother anybody. but i do
hope he feels better, poor thing, he looked miserable

so 1st period was ok, branton yeled at me a few times,
because she said something the asked for comments, and when
i told her what i thought, she didnt like it because it
made too much sense and she didnt think of it 1st. but hey,
she's just another of the people that cant stand it if you
have your own opinion.

2nd period was pretty good, we took a test and then
listened to the teacher talk and crack jokes. so that wasnt
too awful.

3rd period, Latin, we had a test over verbs, their
tenses, ending and how you use them in a sentence. this is
3rd time she's given that test. the 1st time i made a 30.
the 2nd, i made a 10. now last night, for 4 hours, i did
nothing but copy, study, copy some more, try and think of
ways to make it make sense, compare this, that, and the
other, and copy some more. i ended up with 15 pages of
stuff when i finally stopped at 12:45 last night. but, i
think i did really good on that test, so i'm happy.

and then we got to 4th period. in a few words, i am so
tired of everything being f-ed up. long story, not worryin'
with it in here, let's just say that everything's gonna
change and next year is going to morbidly suck. and i
thought this year was Jerry Springer. HA! this year'll look
like a church bakesale compared to next year...argh!.
anyway, sucks as it does, his choice is also good. not for
us in anyway, but for him. and i suppose we cant be
self-ish enough to think only of ourselves in this whole
ordeal. but after class was over, the weirdest thing
happened. half the sky was this perfect blue color with the
sun shinning and the other half was black, litterally so
dark and grey and heavy with rain it looked black. so you
could stand under the line right where the sun and the
coulds met, and half of you was soaking wet while the other
half perfectly dry. ::sighs:: yes. and so it rained. i
dunno, today's just been full of pretty weird stuff. and i
end it by sitting here, waiting on i dont know what,
listening to my radio, and eating dry rice crispies with
sugar out of a ziplock bag. i should get a spoon...oh, and
i cant forget my green stawberry kool-aid in a gatorade
bottle. heh, good times.

forever 17