goddess of imaginary light
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2004-03-10 02:16:33 (UTC)

viva la dana

so ive been offline for a couple days because the UNR
network decided to block me
then i had to take my computer down there and sit for two
hours!!!!! while they scanned me for viruses...gad damnit
well...i have a CRJ test tomorrow that will be easy if i
just suck it up and study!
but being me it will be difficult....
so far im still sick and misserable, but it seems to have
taken a different twist
my neck and shoulders are sore!! like it hurts to wear a
bag or just hold my head up....:(
it felt like this when i had strep throat a couple years
ago, so im hopin i dont get it again.....
caught up on sleep finally but will be lovin this thrusday
i go home on friday for the thursday night im
gonna get FUCKED UP...all my friends at Sig Ep are having
a party, (i usually go there on thursdays anyways) and im
gonna enjoy my last night for awhile NOt in my parents
at least school will be over with for ahwile...
when i get back to vegas im gonna get to see mi hermana!!!
as well as all my vegas amigos, and brandon...i hope i see
him and get to talkto him
hmmm......sometimes i hate myslef for still thinking of
him, having feelings for him....but i cant help loving him
god a freakin sap even though i try SO hard
not to be
im suprised im not balling my eyes out...seems to fit with
ick! bleck!
ok...back to the spanish inquisition!