fallen to earth
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2004-03-10 01:55:39 (UTC)

i don't know

hello people that read this well i wouldn't know why you
would read this i really wouln't but sute yourself. i
don't know why i try sometimes. i have no real friends ok
so i lied i do and i have a lot of them. but i don't know
i feel like i'm doing something wrong i feel like i'm
moving backwards when i should be going forth. well i
don't see why any one would like to be my friend. i'm not
all that great of a guy i guess you could call me funny.
but in a dumb way. i'm mean to a lot of people i do some
stupid things that i wish i could take but so we could be
friends agian. but were we to begain with every time i
wanted to do something something came up. we don't talk
any more we don't even know if were both still alive.
we've know each other for 3 years and every year we slip
apart. maybe it' s because i don't go to there school any
more. who really knows? i try to be friends with a lot of
people but i can't something is holding me back from being
the true person i am. theres someone in my life that let
me be the true person i am she let me open up and she
helped me find love. this person is sweet but i am now
bitter i've loved her for 1 year and a mouth. were
falling away why not becuse of her but because of me. if
i can hurt friends and people i love well am i worth taken
up space on this earth. a question i must do somethin
about a question i have to fix and a question i must