2004-03-10 01:50:11 (UTC)

I'll Give You the Moon and the Stars

I was up at four a.m. this morning and when I went out to
get the newspaper I could see a few stars, not many, and the
moon was obscured by the clouds but it was obvious where it
was, it was so bright.
Another day filled with household chores, a little yardwork,
some knitting and sewing, a bit of reading, a walk to the
post office, a phone call from a friend and baking bread.
Pastor Ruth phoned this morning. She has a book she wants
to give me called "Jesus and Courageous Women". She also
asked if I would consider going to the three day
Oregon-Idaho UMC Annual Conference in June as the church's
representative. I told her I needed to think and pray about
it and talk to John.
I sewed a little burial gown today. It took me most of the
afternoon. I still need to make the matching bonnet. I also
finished knitting two preemie hats so now I have a total of
eight. I forgot to take photos today; I'll try to do it
Choir practice has been cancelled this week due to
scheduling conflicts by various members.