in silent existance
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2004-03-10 01:43:51 (UTC)

oh my my my my my

sanity has drown itself
my well of tears has all run dry
i've lost the nerve
and the will
to see this through to the other side
i'm captured in my own thoughts
wondering when i'll be set free
i'm holdin on to the thing
thats keeps me going
and am so scared it will slip
through my grasp once more
i'm screaming out
god don't let me go
i can't loose you again
but all i am offered in return
is a silent smirk
and a back to watch drift away
why won't you tell me what iu've done wrong
didn't i hurt you so badly?
look at what you've put me through
tears and late nights
you've had my heart at your feet
for all this time
and you've picked it up
and tossed it aside at you leasure
please don't leave me this way
with nothing left
but an empty smirk
and a fading shadow

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