confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-03-10 01:34:03 (UTC)

a mind at rest

the winds of my wind blow soft and sweet this day, bringing
with it the thoughts of broken promises, heartache, but
this day, I pay it no mind. I feel cool and collected,
calm and ready.

The child is stepping into the world, the dakness surrounds
her, yet she feels no fear, only a purpose that drives her
to see this long journey to the bitter end. The monsters
are quiet this eve, and she steps past in steps as light as
the angel, wishing them to remain undisturbed. She has
taken these steps alone, walking down the street of life,
much as she has always done, and yet, she does not feel
alone. She looks to the heavens for guidance, as she once
did, looks to the heavens to light her path. No more is
her god silent, but vibrantly alive, and whispers soft
reassurances in her ear. He may not be there to catch her
when she falls, but he is there to help her dust off and
set up back in the right path.

The woman looks into the night as a sort of peace flows
through her. Come what may, she has no choice but to rely
on god, no choice but to hold her head high, though her
knees are skinned and bruised. Her heart in shattered
peices in her breast, held together with only her will, her
determination to survive. Her heart, once held together by
it's loose bonds, she locks into the tower that she has
resurrected from the ashes. She feels this peace because
she knows that so long as she is hidden, no one can find
her, no one can hurt her, and the monsters she locks back
into their cages, taking the keys with her to her destiny
unknown. Her steps are slow and cautious, her breathing
deep and fearful, but she pushes on. She knows there is a
place for her yet, she just must find it. She looks to her
guiding star to light the way, to show her her path, her
niche, her future. She knows that though the clouds may
hide it for a time, it will always be there, hidden, but
there, waiting to burst through in it's soft radiant light
once more.

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