Too Much to Say
2004-03-10 00:31:57 (UTC)

The Perfect Man

just for kicks, i thought this would be fun. (i can dream,
can't i?)


Height: 6'3"
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown, shaggy
Facial hair: yes, scruffy...mmmmmm
Chest hair: a little, but no back hair, bleh.
Build: big, broad shoulders, like a football player. big
pecks and arms, abs are okay but not necessary--i don't
really care as long as they have strong arms.

i like it when guys don't really care what they look like
all the time. like he could just roll out of bed, throw on
jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap to cover his messy
hair, come to class, and still look cute. i LOVE that
look. but then on special occasions he still knows how to
spruce himself up.

he has an awnry smile, and a little mischief in his eyes.
i like guys who flirt with their eyes, very subtle--but

HE LOVES GOD!!! most importantly, i want a man who is a
servant of God, a warrior for Christ. i want someone who
will be able to tame my wild heart, stubborn mind, and
willful spirit. he'll call me on all my crap and point me
back the right direction.

NOT an intellectual. he's carefree and likes to have fun,
not MAKE FUN of everything.

WITTY! a guy earns like 100 hottie points if he can make
me laugh. i love to laugh, and he does too. we don't have
to be serious all the time, and hardly ever--unless need
be. just honest. we can make fun of each other and not
get offended.

he loves sports, especially football, and has an
appreciation of music. he doesn't have to be a singer, but
he's got a nice voice, and can get his groove on on the
dance floor--but no one would ever know.

he loves the outdoors. during the day he's goofy and light-
hearted. at night (in bed) the passionate animal lets

SOME DAY MY PRINCE WILL COME...if only there were mail
order husbands such as this.