aNd sO i WrItE
2004-03-09 21:43:54 (UTC)

Same shit different day....

Fucking today?... it started off good.. i talked to my
baby in the morning i told him to call me baq but he
didnt... i was gone get mad if he forgot but he didnt...
he just had suttin to do nah mean?...anyway i was walkin
to tha bus and mah boy came up to me n he was tellin me
bye n shit i was like no wait... where u goin... n he said
tha 5-0 was comin to get him n i asked him forwhat and he
told me... him and JR and some one else... damn imma miss
him...thas mah buddy right there but anyway i seen him in
skoo and he was like yeah imma be locked up for bout
20 ... i waslik enah how u know he said bc his pops was
locked and when he was he talked to this kat who was in
there for tha same shit... i was like oh he came
to my door the other day tellin me he wanna buy mah pizza
offa me i wa slike nah im thas mah food nah
mean... gotta grub... yeah imma miss him...
anyway... i was at skoo and actin a foo that i usually am
i had mah fitted and jeans n a nice shirt on with some
matchin i was chillin and this girl came up
to me n was tellin me about her drama with this new kat...
n how he talkin bad about her n talkin madd shit like i was like WWHHHAAT?.. oh hell nah thas grimey
son.. but nah ain tnothing i could do thas her... her
drama not mines..and so anyway 1sy period started and i
went up to mah teacher and remember that project i had?...
yeah well i went to go turn it in and i missed skoo
yesterday so i turned it in today and she wanna say some
day..."its always something new with you whats wrong with
ur project now?" i said excuse me?...and i went off i was
so tight i blacked out and only thing i remmeber was
walkin to mah seat and saying u need to be a fuckin
teacher n teach..n i sat down...and u know what she came
to look at mah project and it was bangin!... she loved
it.. i bet u she felt played when she was done..bc i did
mah shit right... watch imma get a 100 bc i worked real
hard on it...anyway so mah day was running smooth and then
4th period came... it was good dont get me wrong but now
they adding more shit to school so its even harder to pass
and wtf yo i got even more tight... but i used mah smarts
i was using all these big terms and gettin loud n using
knowledge instead of attitude..and i got mah point across
madd ppl were lookin at me like damn i aint know she knew
all that.. but it was madd koo..anyway and then.. oh man
5th period... this man make me wanna blow tha skoo up n
not even come to skoo ... i was standing up minding mah
own bussiness and he wanna say some damn i havent seen u
come to skoo 3 days in a row in 3 months and i said thats
bc ya room smells like ass... damn u make me not want to
come to skoo...and i shut the door and sat down bc i was
trying to get the room to smell a lil bit better i mean
right when i walk in it puts me in a bad mood and he.. oh
boy yo his room smell like he been beatin his meat..and i
said it real loud n i think he heard OOPS!!
..anyway so i was walkin home and i noticed something...
mah knees are killin me... no i cant move they are hurting
that bad i dont wanna tell anyone tho so imma just try n
walk i t off nah mean...anyway i miss mah baby i wonder
where he at...i been thinking about him alot lately and
us... n i been phening for suttin nuns dont... and i been
wanting it alot alot alot like dreamin of it wanting it
soo bad.. i mean damn... oh boy let me stop...
just let me stop...anyway time to go i gotta ice down mah
knees nah mean?...
God Bless
Take Care
On3 1uv