Something For The Rag & Bone Man
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2004-03-09 20:38:58 (UTC)

My dad, the Dr Shipman lookalike tramp with a 3 legged dog?

Hmm....who'd a thought. Neal, thats who. Dad and Neal are
having a cussing match which is turning out to be quite
Finally got on the internet after... a long time i suppose.
Watching some sexually aroused sharks on the telly? hmmm
There is a craze going through the school with the yr 11
lads going out with the year 9 girls....one of which was
singing next to me....very badly.
Everyone at school seems to be irritating me a bit except
Kay and Alex.....even josh is getting on my wick with all
his talk about cack. Still he has texted me for the first
time ever to say that his interview went well. Neals hair
is cack. Alex....man, i love alex. I was speaking a bit
more to Etienne and now we seem to have stopped again...oh
well. I think i want a job...!!!! but where?
I think that nobody reads this because it is so boring so
i'm going to try and type like a person who can't speak
english well. It's too hard. the sharks are awaiting me..
Shalom fair ladies.