A day in the life....
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2004-03-09 19:39:51 (UTC)

Ob la di ob la da, life goes on...

Yeah, la la la la life goes on.
It's been an interesting past couple of weeks, somewhat
stressful at times but oh well. God has taken care of me
so i rejoice. Brian was in a wreck last wednesday, he's
OKAY! His car however suffered 2100 in damages, but it
wasn't his fault so he may not have to pay anything! He
did his taxes the other day too...yeah he owes big time.
Only 3 more days until spring break!!! I get to apartment
search up in Chicago and looks like my big sis is coming
with me for 1/2 the week. yay! I just talked with the
apartment finding guy a few minutes ago, looks like i'll
be looking at apartments All Day Tuesday. Fun times, tho.
I have 20 minutes until dance class, but i just thought
i'd update for once. God bless and love you all!
66 days until i'm Married!