Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2004-03-09 19:10:42 (UTC)

new job, lol

so, I got a new job...

it pays the same as the last one

there are some very distinct advantages.

1) The hours are stable, which means
I get my 32 to 40 hours a week and
don't have to fight for them.

2) I get the same times for my hours
and don't have to fuck around
with getting up earlier.

3) The people are less stressed,
and there seems to be less politics

4) I can transfer anywhere that
the corporation has offices, and
yes, that means Japan, Australia
anywhere in the US or Canada.

5) I can probably get my roommate
a job there.

6) They desperately need people for
thier management dept, and I don't have
to wait more than a month or two before
applying for them.

7) I can be the anti-social asshat I've
been longing to be for months, lol

all in all, this job wroks....