2004-03-09 17:23:17 (UTC)

I like the weather!

Well I'm sick of flying...it's official. After being in
NYC, Detroit, Columbus, and Colorado in the same day I
must say that I'm tired of those things called airports!
I'm in Colorado now. The weather is gorgeous! It has
taken me up to now to almost fully adjust to the altitude
change. Sunday was not a pretty day for my sinuses and
head...and Monday I learned that singing in a higher
altitude is REALLY different, and you need like a good
month to get used to it before blowing your vocal cords.
lol After my audition my family, myself, and my friend
Sean here went out. I was so thankful for the beer. :)
NYC was a lot of fun...the audition went well. I'm not
sure what's going to come out of it, if anything--but I
felt good about what I did. I went to see GYPSY again
while I was in NY. I was blown away at how much it has
improved--particularly Bernadette, whose performance was
extremely genius! AND she was in top voice, which
It hasn't felt like much of a break. :0( I'm missing
mi "un bello." Oh well...when I get back hopefully we'll
pick things back up.
Well...I'm off to explore the land of Colorado Springs
with my step sister. I'm back home LATE LATE LATE tomorrow
night. :0(