Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-03-09 15:54:36 (UTC)

why do I choose ass holes

'pip's pissed me off... Ok I may sound a little over
reacting but he didn't come and see me today and he said he
would and he didnt tell me he wasnt coming. So instead of
haveing fun with my mates I sat there waiting for him to
get there! And he didnt turn up!!!

then .... not that thiis his fault ... but it kinda
embarassed me.... when I do see him hes fighting with two
guys as much of a joke it was the guys werent his mates and
it did look like they were actualy fighting....yes i know
they werent but it also looked like 'pip' was loosing! And
there was a load of people around laughing and then just me
stood there on my own waiting for him. I felt so stupid!

Finaly his excuse was "i was watching a fight" so thats
more important than seeing me is it? no wonder he didnt
come find me with his excuse fucking twat knew it was a
lame one!!!

YES 'pip' if you read this I am pissed off ... and NO it's
not because of PMT (PMS) so it wont go away! And if you're
reading you'll probably pissed off too but atleast now you
know how I feel!!!

And I'm not gonna threten to cut myself or cry ... even
though i probably will cry but why do you care I was upset
earlier and you didn't care! Why can't you just think!
Don't you care how I feel!!!!

amy xx

mood: annoyed
music:Three days grace "I hate everything about you"
coments: bye bye 'pip'