in silent existance
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2004-03-09 15:38:50 (UTC)

just another day

well i'm in my computer class again yea now i have time to
write lol. well the new stuff i the drama i call my life
is simply this: well my bestfriend was a dick on my
birthday but he made up for it yesterday by getting me the
cd his mom knew i wanted. yes i am still head over heals
for him . . . and only god knows why, cuz i sure as hell
don't lol. he's lucky he's cute or yea he'd be dead . . .
just flat out dead! umm i kissed him on the cheeck so i
guess thats a step up. he's bein a sweety, and its sad cuz
when ever i try 2 pull him away from everyone else he kinda
thinks i'm mad at him and ruins it for me. i guess i just
want my "friend time" (ha i still haven't used his name yet
so if he reads this, he can't be mad so ha in his face!)
but yea i miss going out and doing stuff with him. i always
had fun when we were togther, espicially when his folks
were there. they make me laugh. bu t yea at this point i
think i'm gonna need a miracle to get him to spend time
with me . . . that or a friggin awesome car lol. well i
have to go back to doing nothing (i finished the manga sara
bought me =)it was so cool!)
bye bye for now,
and if by any chance my bestfriend reads this *pleading
voice* i love you, don't kill me

bye bye