Thoughts of His girl
2004-03-09 06:12:54 (UTC)

My Royal Fuck Up

Timestamp: 2004-03-09 00:30:12 GMT

growls to Mine and tells her to read her GCN message from
Me and be prepared to be punished

GCN offline:

[00:23] LutherGor: Girl did I not tell you to put your
fucking age in your MSN profile before applying ,I told
the editors you had to that makes Me look a fool ,I will
deal with you later slut ... pissed off Master

I screwed up big time. Mater told me to change my age ,
wellputit on my MSn and reapply for the Gorean paper and I
forgot to change my age before reapplying I remembered but
it was to late I had already been denied again. I have
never never pissed him off before.

(sighs) I have have had a fucked up night and was so happy
to see him in GCN he was so pissed at me though he just
told me to reapply again and toldme he was angry with me ,
then said he was going to bed. God, I wish he would have
done anything whipped me anything but just leving kills
me. I let him down. (sighs)

I love him so much and the last thing I ever wanted to do
was let him down and I did. Over something so fucking
stupid. Because I wasnt thinking I just reapplied then
relized I hadnt changed my age. (sighs) Inever wanted him
to be angry at me.

I miss him so very much and love him so much more. I hope
he speaks to me tomorrow. God, I hope he does.