2004-03-09 05:03:20 (UTC)

ummmm yah

hey,well my day was good till it got bad! well to start out
my day...almost missed the bus but it was funny,got on the
bus & was half asleep...got 2 skool walked around w/ audry
(homegurl)then talked 2 sum ppl.,went to 1st period...that
got interesting,jay actually came 2 skool but ne wayz me &
him did a lab 2gether....we didnt talk the whole time it
made me feel shitty...then we watched a movie on
electricity lol it was weird,me & jay were passing
notes...nuthin important!its a lil weird talkin 2 ur ex'z
huh!but ne ways...class ended & i saw my friend elaine
which is also jays friend & she was makin fun of a blonde
gurl sayin shes such a hoe & the blonde gurl turns around &
guess who it was! amanda the gurl jay was makin out w/ when
we broke up...i told elaine & shes like WTF EEEEW!! i was
like fuck that shit lol!ne wayz then i went 2 english &
that was so boring! i hung out w/ my friend pierce & thats
it...ummm 6 period boring!went 2 lunch which at the
beginning was fun...i got my jollyranchers chewyz & my
fruit rollup...yummy!jus chillin eatin outside & lessa &
scott come outa the middle of no where & scott was talkin 4
alessa which pist me off & im not gunna say what we were
talkin bout (aint no 1s buziness!)& was pist all day!i took
it out on nikki & i felt so bad!sorry nikki!but its ok
now...we talked (me & lessa)!i hope everything worx out!but
ne wayz got on the bus & talked 2 mike about ray & scott!
everythings startin drama!i hate it!hung out after
skool...went home...did chorez,talked 2 lessa to straiten
sum s*** out!cussed scott out oops!& guess wut! my friend
carissa from last yr. called me! i havent talked 2 her in a
yr. HOLY SHIT!!!!i talked 2 her 4 an hour! im still shocked!
but yah...ill wtite bout my other day 2moro but it was
hella fun!!