purple star

Never once spoken
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2004-03-09 04:45:59 (UTC)


i'd like to be poetic but i have no energy. i have a ton
of homework, but have decided to have a shower and do it in
the morning instead. mostly because i dont want to be
awake when ashley comes home. i have no desire to see
anyone or conversate. its always circles anyway. i make
no headway.... but how can you when you dont talk about
your problems? i dont even talk about everything in this
journal. although, i could. i would really like to slip
and fall in the shower, be rendered unconscious and bleed
to death. then i wouldnt be selfish. i would be
accidentaly dead. that would be sad wouldnt it? highly
unlikely. im glad im part of the motherfucking prozac
nation. it does me no good. fucking money hungry fucks.
i dont even have a complete thought right now. what is
wrong with me? goodnight.