2004-03-09 04:31:42 (UTC)


Yeah. That's the verdict. Saturday we play DnD till late
late, well no, till early morning. I left at 6 when 4 or so
of our party of 9 were sleeping. Ann had left, I left an
hour after her, before six. Good thing I did. I had no idea
what was to come the next day.

Dreamed of playing dnd. Everyone was bluffing making up new
rules to the game and it seemed like no matter how much
shit there was in this version and I knew this just was not
happening. I had left at six. I knew this. But it was
getting lighter and lighter outside. I had left right
before that period of light. At certain points it was light
and we were all there playing, with everyone fooling me,
then I was seeing myself sleeping, because that was truth.
Conflicting between the two realities like sliding doors I
hear a phone ringing...

I pick up, still 1/3 in dream land. I thought it was Eric
at first, since I was to act in his movie sunday. It turned
out to be Arthur. He told me some guy came into the
walgreens and asked the polish cashier that he needs to
hire a person for a dollar store scat, that he's working
alone there and he really needs help. So Arthur says, want
a job, get your butt down there.

I go, this guy who does construction, realty, and
owns/rents a few stores in the neighborhood has some other
business to attend to, so he needed someone to manage the
place, and work full time there for the while until
everything is managed.

Yes I said it. MANAGED. I am to become a manager shortly.
Technically I already am, but things aren't rolling yet.
The store was just taken back from someone who didn't know
how to handle it. All day for 7 hours on Sunday I did stock
for the store. Managed to do about 1/4 of the work. This
place is teeny, so it is able for a quite inexperianced
person like myself to run it. The owner is a businessman,
but he doesn't even know what he's doing. Right now. Since
he took the store from the people that couldn't work it.

Today I worked 10 hours I was alone doing stock, checking
for thieves, register, open up, lock up, clean up, the
whole shabang. Tomorrow more stock gets in. I should be
done with stock within a weeks time. Hopefully my legs
won't give out.

Now this is a managers position because the store next door
that also belongs to that guy is gonna open in a week. He
will within that time hire someone to work full time, and
two part time people for the other, I will manage them,
someone will be working in the newly opened higher class
store. He will teach me manegerial duties. If all goes well
I will manage both stores, open up, lock up, make sure all
is in order when I'm there, when I'm in theatre, and all
supplies needed are taken care of.

I will be getting paid cash 350 per week for now, for
working 55 hours, and if business boosts I might get 10%
comission on sales. Let's hope all goes well. Right now I'm
a bit beat, gotta take care of some things and go to sleep
soon. Must rest up for tomorrow, clean up and finish up
odds and ends. Plus, ich muste pinkle.

I'm not gonna tell my friends about this yet. Not until
things are running smoothly and all is set. After my first
few checks, or atleast my first one. Once things start
rolling and I know my conditions, and I'll be able to
believe that I am indeed a manager I will tell them. Till
then, not a word.

P.S. I was saying how privilidged Arthur and Daniel are for
getting good jobs. Arthur going for Manager training, and
Daniel working security. (Loss prevention.) If all works
out here, I shall have the combination of both their jobs.
Till next time, stay sweet. ciao!