What I really THINK
2004-03-09 04:05:54 (UTC)

a good day today

I', not tired becuase I took a nap earlier, but I'm shaking
a little because I made myself throw up twice today. I
fucking hate this, but I really want to lose weight for the
summertime. I'm fairly happy though, I didn't start my day
off very well, my express shirt got ruined in my dryer, but
to make up for it I went to the mall and did a little
shopping. I can't really wear the clothes I got today for
a little bit, because the weather sux, but its cool. As
soon as i get my tax money back I'm getting a flip phone
shoes and a jackit. I can't find my one tan jackit, I hope
i didn't lose it at work and someone stole it, oh well....i
can't stress over clothes.
omg, today, i was with my ex boyfriend, like, my first
boyfriend, first love was with him for almost 3 years in
high school (that kind of ex boyfriend). We smoked a blunt
or whatever and he said something about kissing me. I know
he wants to have sex with me, and before I'd always would
have sex with him becuase I had feeling for him. I dunno
tho, he- he ain't even cute anymore, and he's like, a loser
(no job, disipline, not going to school). These are
priorities I require in order to be instrested let alone to
have sex. I dunno, i mean, I do want to have sex with him,
but i'm just so not turned on. He was like, "let's go back
to my house..." I dropped him off and went shopping. Sorry-
but i think i'll stick with my vibrator.
Tomrrow I have an interview at this other resturant. I
can't wait, i really am praying i get the job. It's such a
nicer envirnment. I want to leave my current job- I
fucking hate everyone there and I'm always miserable
there. I need a change. I really really hope everything
works out for me. Got to go, I have wash to do, and I want
to finish organizing my closet.
love me