fallen to earth
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2004-03-09 03:33:10 (UTC)

i'm lost in the darkness of my own

I’m so lost in my dark nothingness of a life of a world if
that is what it’s called. You say what you say and that
is ok you say one thing and change it in a week. I don’t
know what to think anymore I am sorry for a lot of things
that I have done in the past and I am sorry for what I
will do in the future. You are one of my best friends. you
are a good person you don’t always see that. if only
people and you would open up your eyes listen see feel the
world around you hear what you need what you want to hear
see what you want believe in only what you want to believe
in. Maybe then people would know what they want. so many
people telling people what to do what to say they never
think about what there doing to that person as long as
they look, act, sound the way they want them to then it’s
ok. So many people are lost in this world so many people
pull us down saying you can’t do that your different.
Well I think it is time that someone was different all
these people don’t see you the way I do they disown you
they break your fragile heart but yet you live you stand
up and fight. You haven’t given up hope you are the
hope. Sometimes I don’t know why you can’t see me as
someone different someone that will treat you right. If
only you could see yourself through my eyes then you would
realize how good of a person you are. Maybe someday you
will open up your eyes and realize that I am different
that you should give me a chance if not then that’s fine.
I just want you to be happy. I just want our friendship
to return however that might be however long it takes.

“I have nothing to fear anymore I do not fear dying I
only fear crying.”

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