2004-03-09 02:20:51 (UTC)

heart break

so my heart is on vacation. it has to be because i am
almost fainting and tears are waiting to boil out.
-immediate reaction-

let it settle down....

i prayed today. i prayed for answers and truth. i prayed
for either having you or being able to get over you.

i gave u up to God today. i sat there and said take him.
whatever happens i am going to rely on you.

and i think he's gone away and that i never had him to
begin with

my eyes are spilling over and i feel so silent right now
and he's apologizing and i'm trying to be strong and with
God i can be

it doesnt make it all go away

but i have a way to get through it now because better
plans are laid for me than i know of

all i have to do is trust.

so even through sadness i'll still have trust.