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2004-03-09 01:52:49 (UTC)

100 Things About Me

1. My birthday is in December
2. I like Edna St. Vincent Millay sonnets
3. My twin sister was stillborn
4. My brother Marc was exactly one year younger than me
5. Marc was killed by a drunk driver in 1983
6. I was a two pack a day smoker for almost ten years
7. I quit smoking cold turkey in 1980 and haven't smoked
8. I drink an occasional glass of wine with dinner (it's
a French thing).
9. I graduated magna cum laude from university at
age 20
10. I used to write a lot of poetry
11. I like puns
12. I had four sons in less than five years
13. I've been married twice
14. I've been widowed
15. My daughter was stillborn
16. I've been married to John for more than 24 years
17. We eloped
18. My first language was French; I didn't learn English
until I was five years old
19. I like the scent of lemons
20. I have been a paid speaker/presenter at a number
of national conferences
21.I wrote a regular, weekly column for a small,
local newspaper for over two years
22. I have been using computers (the first one, a TI)
since the mid 1980's.
23. I've been on the Internet since 1992
24. I am one of the owners/founders of GT World, which
administers several mailing lists for parents
of gifted children.
25. I drink Earl Gray tea
26. I have been a handquilter for more than 20 years.
27. I think machine quilting is ugly and tacky.
28. I live in a small town (population under 800 people)
29. I am a regular church goer.
30. I say the rosary every night
31. I am very active in my church
32. I used to cross stitch but got bored with it
33. I have no sympathy for Martha Stewart
34. I am learning how to bead
35. I try to read 100 books every year
36. I never called Steven "Steve" and I've never called
John "Johnny"
37. I've raised milk goats, sheep, chickens, ducks
and geese.
38. I was born in Ontario, Canada
39. I am a naturalized American citizen
40. I hate spiders
41. I play the piano by ear
42. I collect antique and unusual buttons
43. I collect Limoges tea cups
44. I loathe camping
45. I have little interest in sports
46. I don't have a favorite number
47. My hair is waist length
48. I have very little gray in my hair (so far)
49. I usually wear it in a braid but sometimes I wear
it down
50. I treasure old love letters
51. I wear the silver cross that Steven gave me before
he left for Vietnam every day
52. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day
53. I like hanging clothes out on a clothesline
54. I enjoy walking
55. I like spicy food
56. I am a Republican
57. My favorite poet is Edna St. Vincent Millay
58. I have pierced ears
59. I will never get a tattoo
60. I'm usually awake well before 5 a.m. and asleep by
10 p.m.
61. I don't like the desert
62. Ice cream hurts my teeth
63. The only ring I wear is a plain gold wedding band
64. My eyes are hazel
65. I've never had a manicure
66. I'm susceptible to ear infections
67. I am qualified as a Master Hand Knitter through
the Knitting Guild of America
68. My favorite breed of dog is Welsh sheepdog
69. I like chickens, especially Rhode Island Reds
and Barred Rocks
70. I like falling asleep holding hands with John
71. I don't watch much television
72. I listen to music often and especially like jazz
and blues
73. I don't like foods out of boxes and cans
74. I hate clutter and knickknacks and prefer a
clean, spare, elegant style of decorating
75. I like the asymetrical, the unexpected and the whimsical
76. It doesn't take much to make me happy
77. I have no interest in going on carnival rides,
including roller coasters
78. My favorite book when I was 12 was "Girl of
the Limberlost" by Gene Stratton Porter
79. I came to the United States by train; it took three days
80. I don't like mathematics but have discovered that I'm
good at it
81. I don't like playing cards
82. I hate to listen to people whine and complain
83. I own two cats
84. I enjoy getting an unexpected phone call from a friend
85. I like snuggling under a quilt and reading the
Sunday papers
86. My favorite vegetable is corn on the cob with salt,
no butter
87. I like long kisses
88. I like old fashioned flowers like lilacs, sweet peas
and hollyhocks
89. My favorite kind of pie is fresh blackberry pie
90. I enjoy baking bread from scratch (not with a bread
91. I like heirloom apples with funny names like sheepnose
92. I like rice more than potatoes
93. I enjoy walking barefoot in the summer
94. I was better at hop scotch than at jumping rope
95. I like cafe au lait
96. I do not like flying
97. I have no interest in ever going on a cruise
98. My middle name is Marie
99. I'm not that fond of chocolate
100. I doubt I shall ever marry again