My Life
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2004-03-09 01:17:28 (UTC)

My best friend

Back in the day you wouldnt see boys and girls
hanging out as you do now, The guys were Guys and the girls
were girls thats hoe life worked and your best friend would
often be the same sex as you but in this ever changing
world in which we live in it isnt un-common to see girls
and guys hanging out, but you still might find this strange
but i dont care what you thing, my best friend is a girl
(meaning i am man obviously) she has been there for me from
the moment i started talking to her, and ever since that
day in 8th grade we have gotten closer by the day but as
non of my friends will she can never come in between me and
my woman and she wont even try for she has her self a lover
and i am happy for her for finding some one to love. Lee
Ann thanks for being there for me and putting up with me
for these years.And amanda I love you and i always will.
-T.J. Fredette