The twisted thoughts of me
2004-03-08 23:45:19 (UTC)

whole world going mad in 1 weekend

Well...guess who got a new bf....ME!!! me me me me me me!!!
yep ok i'll tell ya the whole story.
ok well it stared about a week or 2 ago when i fond out
that greg liked me. weird i know.....neways so on friday
bobby kinda talked to me for once in his life which is
really weird cuz bobby hates me. well then at the end of
the dayhe came up to me and asked when i'd be home when i
said i didnt know he said well when u do get online. i said
ok then he said do u have my sn..when i said no he pointed
to me and said "well its ur job to find out", then walked
away. so like men isnt it!!! well so now im going out with
him. YIppieSkippie!! he is super duper nice and very
sweet . i miss him so so so much. i really wish i could see
him right now. it feels so weird to being going out with
some1 who use to hate me..owell neway so i g2g byebye