Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-03-08 22:31:37 (UTC)

ive lost all faith....

well this is the last straw. ive lost all faith in
everything. everything that i believe in is wrong. Nick
WAS the one who screwed Tara saturday night. i guess Sabby
was talkin to him and someone came up to them and
said "Tara told Alan" and Nick flipped out. he was
like "oh shit". which means that he did screw her. he told
sabby that she kissed him first. but who knows.
everything i wrong. i thought that nick was a
good person and that he wouldnt help a chick cheat. but i
was wrong. i wonder what else is a lie? has Alan lied to
me? has sabby? gabe? rick? steph? janet? who else? i dont
know who to trust. i dont kno what to think anymore. i
dont know what to believe. and i dont know who to trust.
everything is upside down now. guess i'll just have to get
the story from nick. just hope nick doesnt get in alans
way and that tara doesnt get in mine.