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2004-03-08 22:27:48 (UTC)

Darren Hayes Records ELO

Darren has recorded a cover version of the E.L.O
track 'Strange Magic' for Director Tommy O'Haver's
children's film 'Ella Enchanted' starring Anne Hathaway.
O'Haver had previously directed the video for Darren's
single 'Strange Relationship' so, this year Darren
returned the favor by providing his voice for an update on
the classic E.L.O track. In North America, the soundtrack
is available April 6 and the film opens April 9

Those eager to get an indication of the direction of
Darren's new album will have to be patient. The track is
not featured on his new album and will not be a single.

As Darren commented, "This was really a favor I did for a
friend. It's a children's film and although the music
sounds nothing like the material I'm recording today I
thought it might be nice to do something that my nieces
and nephews"

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