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2004-03-08 22:15:52 (UTC)

Short Notes

When Jack called the last time I reminded him that his
grandmother's birthday was on Wednesday. I also emailed him
her address and phone number.
I've been working on a list of "100 things about me" and
will post it as soon as it's done.
John and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary
next December and we're considering taking an extended trip
to Europe next spring. Our biggest concern is that our
parents, especially John's father who will be 84 years old
this June, are getting on in years and frankly, none of them
are in the best of health, physically and/or mentally, so
that trip may be put on hold indefinitely.
It was foggy this morning but it cleared up before noon and
now the afternoon is warm and sunny.
I finished the first burial gown and bonnet and a photo of
it is on my webshot page
I've also finished five preemie hats and I'm working on a
sixth. I'll be putting photos of those on my webpage
probably tomorrow.