Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-03-08 20:43:33 (UTC)

people have to take the good with the bad....

well...Reagan never came to school. i guess im not gonna
be able to see him. Robert said that if Reagan didnt come
today that he isnt coming at all. i guess he just...forgot
about me. its not that uncommon in me and Reagans
relationship. but yea...
in sucked. Tara cheated on Alan this
weekend...and i think it was with Hobbit. *sigh* well now
Alan is free...but i dont kno if i can do that to Cody.
why does life have to be so complicating?
and how is it that i get into the middle of EVERYONES
problems? its almost like god doesnt want me to just have
to deal with my own stuff....but that of my friends too.
idk. its just hard. gonna go. i have *girl scouts* (said with
fake entusiasim) tonight. oh goodie!