The Real Me
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2004-03-08 19:49:36 (UTC)


Last night was a blast. I always seem to find myself having
the most fun with Katie and Bryan. I got to katie's house
and spent a good hour with the entire Wight side of the
family. Sometimes I wish I was a part of all their madness,
their a fun group of people to be around.

Soon after Katie and I gave Bryan a call and he was soon at
the house. We hung around and watched t.v. for a few hours.
Katie has a hot tub and Bryan for the past 6 months has
been beggin to go in it but my excuse was i never have a
bathing suit. Well there was no stopping this time. Katie
gave me a pair of her shorts (cuz i refuse to wear someone
elses bathing suit) and i had my bra on. Katie mentioned
once her brother Kurt and girlfriend put dish soap in the
hot tub so Katie grabbed it and soon enough we couldnt' see
each other over the mounds of bubbles. We spent a good
couple of hours playing with them and found out it doesn't
take much to amuse the 3 of us. The rest of the time was us
talking about the usual stuff we 3 talk about, sex,
relationships, and other personal things ;) There really
good friends and I duno what I'm gonna do without them.
Katie going to Boston and who knows with Bryan.

Sometimes people call me a mom, I don't like it but i guess
it's cuz I worry about my friends. I only want the best for
them and I don't want them to get hurt. And I always seem
to find myself worrying about most of my friends too. One
has to face a reality and telling the truth which may cause
consquences, another in a terrible relationship, one that
keeps taking medicine but not getting any better - which
scares me mostly I love that person to peices and the more
and more medication that person is on the more and more
likely I'm afraid it's gonna effect them and something
worse might happen.

I guess I can just sit aside and give a helping hand or ear
when needed...??

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