I see the light
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2004-03-08 14:46:57 (UTC)

My Comfort

To whom this reaches...
This weekend was a wonderful and blessed weekend. Except
for the fact that I had to attend a dinner that was a
pretty painful ordeal for me. Thank God I made that
through along with a friend beside me for moral support.
Before all of that, I took my girls to the beach and they
had a wonderful time playing in the sand and in the
freezing water. Myself, I enjoyed watching them from my
chair and was no way going to jump in the water. The joy
that I see in my childrens faces brings such happiness to
my heart these days and I am sorry that it took my career
to make me realize what I was doing to them. They are now
my comfort and I realize I am theirs as well. Sunday, we
all went to church and heard the Lord's words and felt the
peace surround us. We then went to watch a cute movie and
headed to the beach again. It was a lovely time and again
they took themselves into the water and I was left on my
chair laughing at my Joshy's antics. My Comfort are my
children and I thank the Lord that he has brought me to my
knees to show me that I was doing wrong. I thank the Lord
for all He has done in my life..and I pray that He guide me
through all of this. To stay with me throughout my days
and knowing that He gives me what I have. I love you are my all in all...

Bless you

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