Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-03-08 13:28:26 (UTC)

I'm so aggravated!

I come online this morning, and once again, an ex boyfriend
is online. That's all cool and everything until he starts
with me on chat. I have had to shut him down twice already
for trying to get into a sexual chat with me within the
last 2 weeks! I tell him I'm married, I encourage him to
find someone else for that kind of stuff, and yet he still
doesn't get the picture! This morning it's "Was I good in
bed?" and "Was/Am I sexy?" Come on, I've been gone from
him for at least 2 1/2 years! I've been with my husband
for over 2 years now! Then, when I set myself to away and
stopped responding, he started saying, oh, so you're not
going to answer? At least say so. WHATEVER! For all he
knows, I could be away from the PC tending to the baby! He
is more self-centered than I ever thought! It's kinda like
that song by Carly Simon, "You're so Vain, you probably
think this song's about you!"
Anyway, back to pleasant things. My husband came home
friday night and handed me $100. I asked him what it was
for and he told me that I was to go buy something for
myself, clothes, shoes, whatever. That under no
circumstances was a penny of this money to be spent on
anything or anyone else but me! Every day he just keeps
showing me what an incredible man and provider he is! Then
I have to laugh at my ex-husband who was stunned to hear me
call Don my husband. Then when he brought my son home from
visitation, he shared that he and his lady are having
problems. Well, too friggin bad! That's the one that you
left me and his son for! Deal with it! I'm gone, I've
moved on, it's been 4 years, I am sooooo over it! Poor
baby will probably have to move back in with his Mom again
if he can't work things out with her.
We planted our garden this weekend, that was fun! We
planted tomatoes, peppers (19 plants!), eggplant, squash,
zuchinni, beans, cucumbers, onions, and I don't remember
what else. We have a bunch of strawberry plants to grow
too, but he's thinking that those will go in my flower
garden because we ran out of room in our garden. I am
actually going to try (for the first time ever) to make a
rather decent flower garden in the front of our bay windows
facing the street. All along that side of the house. I'm
hoping that it will go well.
Gonna have to run, got to take a shower before the baby
wakes up and things get to rolling here. Later!