confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-03-08 04:51:36 (UTC)

less than

you may never know how much it hurts to look into the eyes
of ther one you call mother and be less than a daughter,
less than a more than a problem.....a black
problem, that is not worth anything, an unwanted problem.

You will never know the pain that stabs one heart, as you
see the face smiling, almost enjoying the pain. You smile,
tell her you understand, when inside, your
feel your world come crashing down, your heart clenches in
your chest, feezing as it slows, each beat painful...

You will never know a world of gray, a world without light,
a world without is bleak and cold...and empty,
without a purpose, without direction. A living shell with
a dead soul. A shadow of a woman, who if faced with light
will fade.

Yet you will never see my tears, never hear my cry. You
will never see me standing by my window, looking out, the
reflection so much like you. You will never see me curled
in my bed, my tears running like a river, wetting the
cover. My body shaking with it's silent tears and pent up
emotions. I am cold, and dead inside,but the facade of
peace and calm, easily donned. You will never see
me...never know me...never care.