Rei's Little World
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2004-03-08 04:42:38 (UTC)

life is never fair

Hold on passengers this is gonna be a bumpy ride...well
its gonna be a long story with much angst. So get set to
hear what I have to say about stuff that you can only find
in my mind:

Well I'll jsut get to the main thing people are wondering
about me right am i takin the dancing situation.
WELL....If you dont know, I was on dance team this year,
and tryouts were Saturday for next year and I didnt make

Well...quite frankly it feels like its saying
that im a horrible dancer and that I spent 13 years of my
life doing something I will never achieve at. That and it
feels like a spear was jammed in my chest and riped out
from the other side. Yeah, so you get the idea, and I dont
have to go in detail about me crying and screaming in the
bathroom after 'the list' was called out.

But thanks to everyone who helped cheer me up during my
dilema. Its a big help cause I'm not feeling THAT bad
right now....its like, i put a big band-aid on after
having a spear jammed into my chest. but it still hurts
and it wont ever go away....cause dancing is my life....

ok, now before i get all teary eyed....too late...oh well,
before I lose else is new....I cant
have my quilt right now! Its sitting there on display in
the library with my other classmate's quilts...I want my
damn quilt! lol, I spent so much time into that bastard!
And i got REI 2004 put on it. I usually dont like
nicknames, but Ian jsut called me rei a few times and i
was like...I really like that nickname!

anything else to add to are

hmm, ok. on a lighter side out of all my frustrations, ive
been listening to much 80's rock music lately, its freakin
awsome! i woulda been good if i was a teen in the
80's...kick ass!

ok, now ive totally ran out of things to say, so ill talk
to all of you later....unless I dont know you and your
jsut reading a stranger's diary for your dirty

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