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silent wishes
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2004-03-08 04:02:54 (UTC)


::does my happy dance:: I GOT CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES! I
GOT CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!! i probably shouldn't be
eating mass amounts of chocolate at 10:40 at night, but my
mommy isnt here at night anymore and i'm lonely...ok i lied
a little bit, i just wanted somethin' to eat and these gave
me an excuse to have a bunch of chocolate. buttermilk
chocolate chip pancakes...i'm gonna be sooo fat. i wont fit
into a dress for prom and i'll end up wearing a tablecloth
draped over me. man now i feel bad about eating...errrrr!
but atleast i wont puke it back up. [HINT HINT jess!!]

so anyway, like i said, momma and kid aren't here anymore
at night so i decided i'd take a bath. ooooohh it was soo
nice. i stayed in the bathroom in the tub for over an hour
and a 1/2...i could grow used to this. i think i'm gonna
get me some really pretty nail polish and some bubble bath
next time i go to wal-mart. the last time i took an actual
bath was the night before kid got here and i just laid down
in the tub and cried, i dont think i even washed. i almost
cried tonight, but i was having a pretty good time so i
just decided to save it for later. ugh. i'm becoming one
the little girly-girls that cries to much...but atleast i
eat like a guy, or so says my boyfriend, so i dont think
i'm very dainty yet. looks like that'd get on your nerves
after awhile tho...being dainty i mean...

i'm full...i think i'm gonna take the rest of these
pancakes to school in the morning and eat them cold. these
kind of pancakes always taste better cold...

i think he's right when he says i eat like a guy...i just
looked in the mirror and i have pancake batter smeared
across my cheek, nose and chin...and on my shirt. geez. oh
well, atleast my hair looks decent for tomorrow.

ooh. i found some lipstick that i had bought back at the
beginning of the school year, and i put some on because i
ran out of chapstick and it actually looked 1/2 decent. its
really light and kind of a pale pink. i'm sure you really
want to know all this, but i'm really codl and really bored
and want something to talk about. actually i'd rather have
someBODY to talk to, but for now i'll just talk to myself
in my head and worry about what i'll wear to school

speaking of which, i need to go find that...

forever 17