pensive problematic

a thought in the mind of her
2004-03-08 03:21:58 (UTC)


feeble, pathetic, and frail.
can't make a decision
can't act upon it
can't express true thoughts and feelings
nothing but a mat for others to step on.
a pillow when needed resting
a shoulder when crying is released
a hand when no one else will offer
a companion when deserted
and nothing but a shadow in the background when more
things become important
a tool, reached and pulled out of the box when needed

to articulate what really goes on inside is unapproachable.
a bottle, building and building the presssure inside is
what will happen when the bottle goes *POP* ?
who will still be standing?
will it be her? will someome be left over?
or will she be gone and noting left?