The Darkness Within

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2004-03-08 02:07:40 (UTC)


I have entitled this entry "landslide" because I am sure
that it will be fitting by the end of it. I am not sure
why, but I am just in an emotionally low place lately. I
try to not let it effect me, or show it,...but still I feel
it. To the point where I am just drained. Physically, and
emotionally...out for the count. I find myself crying for
no apparent reason. I suppose there are reasons,...just
none that I have the energy or want to deal with at the
time. I am sure that some of you have had to have seen
that comercial with the little white blurb that is " not
feeling itself"...well that's me alright. At least I think
it is. Lately I am not even sure of what being myself is.
I guess that I am losing touch with the things that made me
me....I have been for a while now. I know that I just need
to ground myself, but I don't have the will, and as anyone
who has been less than happy knows, you find an odd comfort
in your tears.Even though I don't always know why I am
crying it still feels good. da$#! Can't do this right now
I need a break from thought
actually I probably need the exact opposite, but oh well, I
have never been one to do what I should!

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