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2004-03-07 23:36:10 (UTC)

It Feels Like Spring!

I've finished knitting the burial gown but it still needs to
be blocked,have the ends sewn in and the ribbons added. I'm
working on the matching bonnet today and hope to have the
set done by tomorrow. When I do I'll take a photo of it and
put it on my webshots page.
I stayed for about a half hour after church this morning to
talk to various people. I found out that David's hens are
laying again and I asked him to bring me two dozen eggs at
the Lenten Covenant supper on Thursday. Linda told me that
because of scheduling conflicts choir practice is cancelled
this week. I also talked to Carol a bit about the quilt
show we plan to hold in May; we need to start planning it soon.
John found a cassette tape player at Goodwill yesterday at
half price and bought it as I'd asked for one for the living
room system. That cabinet has a DVD, videotape and CD
players but many of my favorites are on cassette tapes and
this way it's easier than tranferring them to CD. John made
certain it worked and then put it in the cabinet this
The weather is glorious today! I opened all the doors and
windows to air out the house. I washed our bedding and hung
them out on the clothesline to dry and aired out some of my
quilts. Tonight we'll sleep on sun warmed sheets and
quilts. John and I spent several hours outside mowing,
weeding and cleaning out the greenhouse and patio. I ordered
sweet pea seeds from
and tomorrow afternoon I'll go to Gindhardt's and get more
flower seeds and vegetable seeds and start planting them in
flats to put in the greenhouse.