Ashley's thoughts
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2004-03-07 23:04:07 (UTC)


Sorry i haven't written in a really long time. I'll bump
you up to speed on what i've been doing....

The last couple weeks have been really hectic for me:

Monday 3/1~ softball conditioning... Football....tumbling
class with Meg :)... then watched Las Vegas

Tuesday 3/2~ Softball conditioning... Football... then
Soccer Game

Wednesday 3/3~ Softball Conditioning... Soccer game...
then O.C.

Thursday 3/4~ Football :)

Friday 3/5~ Walked home with Erica to Kristin's. Hung out
for a while...then came home and went out to eat at
Cookers with the family. Then we saw Starsky and Hutch...

Saturday 3/6~ Went over to Erica's (kristin and amanda
were there). We played Park for a little while till
Amanda had to leave. Then we went to the chinese
restaurant. After that we hung out then went to kristins
to spend the night.

Sunday 3/7~ Hung out at Kristins for a while. Then came
home, took a shower and did homework. And now..... im

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