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2004-03-07 22:54:34 (UTC)


This journal thing is kinda cool I have to admit.. if
anyone reads these I gotta tell ya by this point in the day
I dont give a shit about anything I spell and most of what
I say. That sucks huh... one day im going to be a doctor
who cant spell.. I guess I'll just write prescriptions
really messy when I dont know how to spell the name. Why
do they make medicine with such freakin long ass names
anyway?! Whats the point.. I think maybe the drug
manufacture ppl like to laugh at ppl when they cant say the
name right. Sheesh.. Well, last night I went out shoppin
with a friend and whattya know.. I just happened to walk up
on my ex. Its such a shock at first when you see someone
like that.. I dont ever know what to say or to just act
like I never saw them.. so, I went with the second choice.
I think he thought I was stuck up but I know if I talked to
him I would have turned into jello. He was the one I let
get away. I dumped him because he cared about me too
much... yes, yes I know.. im an idiot. But I can say i've
learned my lesson. Why do women do that? I felt slightly
smothered by him at the time, but if I would have just
looked down the friken road a bit im sure he would have
treated me so good the rest of my life. Blah... its over
so I need to stop analyzing. I should be studying for a
test right now but ya know what? I dont wanna. Thats one
good thing about writing in a journal, its a great
procrastination tool. Man.. ever since my car broke down I
feel like I have no feet. Its so depressing! I feel like
all I can do is sit around and write in this journal and
get fat. If I dont get my car back soon im going to have
to glue some paper bags together and wear that b/c I grew
out of all my clothes! Ok.. on that note, I think I need to
go study.

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