The Real Me
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2004-03-07 20:28:12 (UTC)


Yes, I know your reading this and wondering why I'm
starting one cuz I said I wouldn't and felt like I woudl be
copying everyone else. Don's was the first I saw up and
then I saw them popping up everywhere. Quite a trend he's
started. So yes...I know I'm a hypocrite and this proves
more that I am.

Gives me something to do...and I've been thinkin about it
as of late too. Figured I could let all the noisey people
I've known in my life something to read and talk about me
more. I seem to have alot of people think that I'm still
friends with them and I'm really not. Me defining
friendship is a bond between 2 people that no one can
break. Communication is a big one. Hanging out doing things
together. I duno why some people consider me there friend
still...I'm surprised I got phone, text and messages on AOL
from people on my birthday that I no longer talk to. I hope
they aren't expecting anything from me on there birthday.
Times change, people change...I can't help that neither can
you. But don't expect to see me at the mall and act like
noting has changed when in fact everything has. Half the
people that I use to call my friend I have no idea why now.

I'm heading to Katie's house in a few for Kevin's birthday
party (her younger bro) Should be fun. Her family is fun to
be with it's nice to see a family like that. Unlike my
house where it's just me and my parents and the only people
that ever come to the house is my aunt and uncle Clark and
someone that needs my dad for something, oddly enough they
never come in the house. Dad always goes outside to talk to
them. hmm..oh well.

I'm off to katie's!